We are proud of our reputation. We are the oldest, biggest and best tent rental company in the Maritimes. Our success is built on putting the customer first and getting the job done on time the way you want it. We feel that this attitude is the most important to our success and to the satisfaction of the customers we serve. We have a great reputation among discerning brides, and we intend to exceed your expectations. That's what makes us number one in wedding planning and wedding tents.

Your wedding is a very special day. It is one of the greatest events and biggest party of our lives, naturally it involves an immense amount of planning and preparation. Every bride has a special plan in mind and this often requires expert advice. Success comes from us carrying out your plans as you imagined. The staff of Hiap Yick Tables & Chairs Renting Pte Ltd has been part of hundreds of successful wedding festivities, as we'll help your dreams become a reality. Guaranteed!

We are the largest and oldest tent rental company in Singapore. This allows us to carry a broad inventory of tents, floors, linens, chairs, tables and flatware used specially for festive occasions. Our tents are all white - vibrant white, recently manufactured, cleaned meticulously prior to set up, installed by professionals, delivered on time, and best of all, comes with your satisfaction guaranteed! Why is this important? When you reserve a tent the chances are you will not actually see the rented product until a day or two prior to the wedding. Changes at this point are too late. Rest assured, the design, layout and look of your tent will have no unpleasant shocks.

We pay attention to details - important details so that all you have to worry about is getting people lined up for the photos or when to cut the cake. Our crew is very experienced at installing the tent in the exact location you want it, making sure the openings are in the proper spot, and properly ventilated. That's why we are number one in the business, customer satisfaction.

Why rent a tent rather than a hall? Tents usually cost a bit more to rent than an existing facility. But tents have options that other venues simply don't. We come to you, in the location you want. You have much more privacy and convenience and decor choice than a public location. We offers as many lighting and cooling options for the ever-lasting summer heat of Singapore.

How big a tent should you rent? We will take the guess work out of this question. After a few basic questions we will prepare a drawing for you. With your instructions we will show the interior layout of a tent with the head table, seating arrangement, dance floor, bar area, gift table etc., all on one drawing. This will then determine the exact size needed so you can see ahead of time what the floor plan will actually look like. Of course the exact number of guests is always changing up to the last minute, and we can accommodate for that. We have three basic styles of tents that can be customized to fit your needs.

How much will it cost? This is a very important question. Depending on the type of wedding you want, many anticipated, new and unexpected expenses arise. We have been very successful in finding suitable options to fit budgets. We also have worked with many chefs, wedding planners, florists and other professionals in the business all over island. We would be glad to help you get in touch with them. You chose each other, you chose to celebrate outdoors, now choose us!

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